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Our Chairman and CEO, FRED C. REYES has been doing research and developing new advanced skin care products for SkinStation, which are now available under the DERMAX Professional brand. He is a multi-awarded cosmetic Chemist. In 2008, he was the recipient of Achievement Award in Industry conferred by the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, the umbrella group of Chemists associations in the country. The Outstanding Professional Award in Chemistry came next, in 2011, from the government's Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

DERMAX Professional is the exclusive skin care line of SkinStation. It has established a cult following among the urban sophisticates. “DERMAX uses only the best, the latest, and the safest ingredients at clinical strength, definitely at par with the world’s best. With DERMAX, we have no cost constraint. Our only aim is to delight our customers,” declares Fred Reyes.

We present to you articles written by Fred Reyes himself which appeared in the SKIN SMART column in Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section.

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Martes, Mayo 10, 2016


Traditional facial mists contain only mineral water coming from exotic sites. The water simply cools the skin but when it evaporates, the skin is drier than ever. The market wanted better products. New types of mists came out, with improved moisturizing property from natural extracts and oils, as well as advanced functional anti-aging, antioxidant, and whitening ingredients. These facial mists can provide more benefits, and here are the top five:

Your skin also gets thirsty and dehydrated especially during summer when it's scorching hot. Facial mist can cool, refresh, and hydrate your skin. It should be your number two must-have skin care product for summer. Number one is of course a broad spectrum sun protection, like DERMAX UV Milk or UV Active Sunscreen.

Anytime, anywhere, you get to cleanse your face and moisturize it simultaneously in just a spritz. Quick and hassle-free. 

Always mist with every layer of product you put on your skin (moisturizer - mist - primer - mist - makeup - mist, and so on). This way, it preps your skin by locking in moisture to absorb all the serums and moisturizers that you will apply.

Aside from using facial mist before and after applying your make-up, regular spritzing is recommended especially when you need to have make-up all day.  Instead of continuous retouching and adding more layers of makeup on your face, misting before touch up softens your look. This prevents you from having a heavy look and a cake face.

Facial mists can take you from looking stressed to rejuvenated in seconds. It's a spray of instant beauty. Facial mists with added aromatherapy helps with calming, soothing, revitalizing, and uplifting.

Launched just in time for summer is the Blushing Beauty Facial Mists! What’s unique about these next generation facial mists is that they are engineered with advanced ingredients to give you  International formulations. Blushing Beauty Facial Mists not only cool and moisturize, but they also brighten and even out your skin. As an added bonus, they are infused with your favorite scents for aromatherapy.

Blushing Beauty Facial Mists’ three key benefits:
1. COOLING - Instantly cools, refreshes, and gives you a dewy glow.
2. MOISTURIZING - Moisturizes, hydrates, and firms skin through low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and revitalizing Bamboo Water.
3. BRIGHTENING - Brightens and evens out skin tone through Schnewhite extract from mushroom.

It comes in four variants that vary depending on your preferred scent:
1. Warm and fresh aroma of Chamomile for a soothing after-feel.
2. Sweet and floral aroma of Lavender for a calming after-feel.
3. Refreshing aroma of Green Clover that revives and revitalizes you.
4. Immensely rich Rose aroma that boosts your mood and uplifts your senses.

Blushing Beauty Facial Mists are exclusively available in all Blushing Beauty and SkinStation branches nationwide. So go ahead, spritz anytime, anywhere for an instant dewy, moisturized, and glowing skin! 

This article was published in The Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section on May 10, 2016. The author is Fred C. Reyes, a multi-awarded chemist, and the CEO of SkinStation, DERMAX Laser Center, and Blushing Beauty, the fastest growing skin clinic chain in the Philippines. He was awarded the Outstanding Professional in Chemistry in 2011 by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).