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Our Chairman and CEO, FRED C. REYES has been doing research and developing new advanced skin care products for SkinStation, which are now available under the DERMAX Professional brand. He is a multi-awarded cosmetic Chemist. In 2008, he was the recipient of Achievement Award in Industry conferred by the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, the umbrella group of Chemists associations in the country. The Outstanding Professional Award in Chemistry came next, in 2011, from the government's Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

DERMAX Professional is the exclusive skin care line of SkinStation. It has established a cult following among the urban sophisticates. “DERMAX uses only the best, the latest, and the safest ingredients at clinical strength, definitely at par with the world’s best. With DERMAX, we have no cost constraint. Our only aim is to delight our customers,” declares Fred Reyes.

We present to you articles written by Fred Reyes himself which appeared in the SKIN SMART column in Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Section.

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Huwebes, Marso 5, 2020


SkinStation is proud to introduce the DERMAX Black Peel, a unique anti-aging and acne control peeling     system. The non-invasive treatment exfoliates the top skin layers and purifies the pores, resulting in:

• finer skin texture
• diminished discolorations
• controlled skin oiliness
• minimized fine lines

The main ingredient is activated vegetal carbon, well known for its purifying and detox properties. Carbon is enhanced with antioxidant components, black ginger and licorice. Natural exfoliating agents, ferulic, mandelic and lactic acids are modulated in the system to produce younger looking skin, enhanced with lifting effect.

DERMAX Black Peel System is made up of two products, the Carbon Film and the Carbon Spray, which, used together, allows to obtain flawless, smooth and younger-looking skin on the face and body.

The Carbon Spray, applied after the Carbon Film, removes the film from the face to eliminate the contaminants absorbed by the activated carbon. The spray is also a neutralizer that allows medium or deep peeling treatments depending on patient's needs. The innovative spray formulation contains micronized hexapeptide that gives an immediate lifting and brightening effect.

DERMAX Black Peel is the ideal system to lighten age spots and dark spots, fade freckles, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores, and remove blackheads and acne while lifting and tightening the skin to improve elasticity.

For best results, the doctor may prescribe up to 4 sessions every 2 to 4 weeks. Quarterly maintenance session is likewise recommended.

Always a must in any peeling procedure is to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every morning. You can get the most complete protection from DERMAX 360° full shield cream.

It can be used on face, neck, decolletage, hands and feet and is suitable for teens and adults.

Miyerkules, Pebrero 5, 2020



Follow this facial morning regimen for skin radiance, clarity and even tone:

Step 1: CLEANSER. Start your mornings by washing your face with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. BAMBOO WATER Foaming Cleanser for normal skin; SOGENTLE/SKINPREP Gel Cleansers for normal to sensitive skin; AcneX Pore Clearing Gel Cleanser for oily skin.

Step 2: TONER. Ordinary toners/astringents are too harsh for your skin. Go for advanced moisturizing BAMBOO WATER Micellar Toner for dry to sensitive skin; AcneX Micellar Toner for acne prone skin.

Step 3: SERUM. Give your skin luminous glow with the new RADIANCE MORNING SERUM. Packed with whitening, antioxidant, and collagen boosters to keep your skin spotless, smooth, and young looking. Enriched with orange extract for anti-inflammatory, firming, and anti-aging benefits. It also boosts moisture level with hyaluronic acid to revitalize skin's outer layer.

box.png        radiance.png

Face the day with luminous glow with the new
DERMAX Radiance Morning Serum

Step 4: EYE SERUM. If you have concerns with fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness around the eye area, apply HYALIFT EYE REPAIR (AM).

Step 5: SPOT TREATMENT. Target small areas of discolorations, age spots and acne mark with SPOTLITE Serum.

Step 6: SUNSCREEN. To keep you young looking, this is the most important step. Apply sunscreen everyday but go beyond sun protection. Look for anti-pollution benefit in your sunscreen, especially in an urban environment, or in ash laden atmosphere in areas affected by Taal volcano eruption. DERMAX 360° Full Shield SPF50 + /PA+++ gives real full spectrum protection (UVA, UVB, IRA, VIS) plus anti-pollution protection. The non-greasy UV MILK SPF50+ PA+++ is a good alternative in areas with clean air. If you have acne prone skin, the water based AcneX Sunscreen Gel is your best bet.